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Considering a Couples Getaway? Leave the Kids at Home! 

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Demands of parenting can be all-consuming, often leaving us with little time and energy to focus on our relationship, falling into a roommate pattern. As parents of two under the age of six, my husband and I have prioritized taking adults-only trips, even if it’s just a quick escape. While the heartache of leaving the kids behind is there, returning refreshed and energized is so worth it! Ready for my top four reasons to have a couples getaway “Leave the Kids at Home”!

Quality Time and Uninterrupted Conversations

Oh buddy! When is the last time you and your spouse had a conversation over dinner or in the car without a little voice chiming in? I love the sweet and innocent conversations we have on the daily but the word “FART” popping up mid-conversation about an upcoming business trip can derail entire conversations. My husband and I find during our adult-trip we can focus on each other’s thoughts and aspirations and tune into each other again.  

Rediscover Individual Identities

So often we embrace our role as parents to the fullest – and this isn’t wrong! But occasionally our hobbies and interest take a backseat while we raise our kids. An adults-only trip provides an opportunity for each of you to rediscover individual identities outside of being parents, fostering a sense of self and personal growth. Heck – maybe you find that you can share your previous passions with your kids when you return!  

Enhance Emotional and Mental Well-being

A.K.A “Turning off Mom Mode”. Mine has been on since 2017 and unless I cross state lines, it is impossible to turn off. Taking a break from parenting can have such an impact on emotional and mental well-being. Spending time in a new environment, engaging in enjoyable activities, and experiencing new things can boost happiness and reduce that feeling of burnout. Not to mention – those squeezes when you return are the best!  

Reconnect and Rekindle Romance

Now, for what can really go unspoken. The time together to rediscover your relationship on a more intimate level. So often we find ourselves caught up in the daily challenges of raising children, leaving little room for romance. One thing my husband and I find ourselves doing is holding each other’s hand or sitting next to each other at dinner. Things that aren’t always possible with two others in tow! Getting away as a couple to reconnect, rekindling the love and passion that brought you together in the first place helps strengthen the bond of your relationship.  

Whether it’s a weekend away to catch a ball game or a week away on a tropical beach – Take the Trip! There is so much to gain from reconnecting and rediscovering – and Hey! The kids may have fun on their time away too 😊 

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